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Affordable comfort costing less than a small family car!
Installation within a few days without the need for any major structural alternations.
Suitable for new and existing homes
Low maintenance and operating costs
Quiet and easy to use
Safe and compliant with all European directives
My wife and I renovated an old house, and because we were investing so much in the project, we wanted to make sure we could stay in our dream home forever. We thought it would be too complicated and expensive to include a lift, but how wrong we were! Thanks to thyssenkrupp Home Solutions , we have a lift tucked in neatly behind the stairs and it matches our designer décor perfectly.
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Our home lifts not only increase your quality of life but also the value of your home.
The HE3 has a wide array of customisable options to ensure that we will find the best possible solution for you.

No expensive structural changes required...

Quick and easy installation.

The HE3 does not require a separate machine room – perfect for tight installations. It has a low pit requirement of just 10cm. These specifications provide installation in a just few days and without any significant structural changes.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations...

The HE3 is capable of installation either indoor or outdoor. Its modular design does not require a large footprint, and our trained specialists will help find a mobility solution that perfectly fits your needs and wishes.

Installation in your existing home...

Our home lifts not only increase your comfort and accessibility, but also the value of your home. Indoor or outdoor, with walls made of glass or wood, aluminium doors, stainless steel, and a robust metal shaft HE3 harmonises perfectly with the style of your home.

Remarkably space-saving...

With thanks to its versatility and compact construction HE3 can already be placed in a space of only 72 cm! Packaged modular components are also easy to deliver in every room of your house.

Need more space?
The HE3 home lift is available in several dimensions platforms allowing you to find a solution tailored to your needs.

Your safety is our priority...

The HE3 has more than 20 safety systems that guarantee protection and safe-use in any situation. The advanced safety system allows the HE3 to be used even in case of power cut; where the elevator returns to the lower floor and the door unlocks. The lift has a phone that can be connected to your house phone, and the charge controller prevents movement of the home lift when the load is exceeded.

Silent and smooth departure...

The HE3 guarantees an optimal and comfortable ride. Its state-of-the-art hydraulic system ensures stable and silent movement without unpleasant vibration. The "soft start / soft stop" feature is a guarantee of a gentle and jolt free ride!

Affordable home comfort for less than the cost of a small family car!

A homelift gives you the freedom to move around your home, and comes at an affordable price without compromising on quality or comfort. For less than the cost of a family car, you can make your home more comfortable and accessible.

Did you know Homelifts come with an A-rated energy efficiency. They run off standard mains power, and their consumption is comparable to that of other household appliances making them good for your budget and good for the environment.

Maintenance is simple and inexpensive: homelifts are built to last. Unlike conventional elevators homelifts are not subject to complicated regulatory requirements.

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